Generally people think of dinosaurs as pea brains but that isn't always the case so I bring you 10 SMARTEST dinosaurs ever

10 tarchia

Despite most ankylosaurs having small brains tarchia's was quite large. 9 ornithomimus

Ornithomimus looked like an ostrich and was just as smart 8 allosaurus

Although not as smart as T. rex allosaurus is the second largest carnivore on this list 7 Maiasaura

Hence it's name meaning good mother lizard,Maiasaura moms would guard the nest and look after the babies while the dads got food. 5 Oviraptor

Another good mom Oviraptor originally thought to steel eggs Oviraptor actually would sit on and guard the eggs. 4 Tyrannosaurus rex

T. rex would hunt in packs and kill any animal minus ankylosaurus. 3.deinonychus

The jurassic park velociraptors were based of this dinosaur and would hunt in packs . 2 velociraptor

Although not smart enough to open doors velociraptor was still smart and would live in groups and kill anything. 1 Troodon

The smartest dinosaur ever was troodon it hunted in packs and ate plants and meat and some lived as far north as Alaska and Greenland.

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