1. 10 koreaceratops

Koreaceratops was a cousin of triceratops that was semi aquatic.
  1. 9 cryolophosaurus

Cryolophosaurus was a cousin of Dilophosaurus from Antarctica.cryolphosaurus had a crest shaped like Elvis Presley's hair giving it the nickname elvisaurus.

  1. 8 olorotitan

Olorotitan is a cousin of Parasaurolophus with a head shapes like an axe.

  1. 7 omeisaurus

Omeisaurus was a cousin of mamenchisaurus but with a club on its tail and lifted its neck 28 feet above its shoulder.

  1. 6 loricatosaurus

Loricatosaurus was a cousin of stegosaurus with spikes on it's tail that were 6 feet also had spikes on it's shoulder.

  1. 5 pelecanimimis

Pelecanimimis was a cousin of ornithomimus with a long head with 220 teeth.pelecanimimis had floppy folds of skin under it's neck.

  1. 4 incisivosaurus

Incisivosaurus was a cousin of Oviraptor with buck teeth.

  1. 3 Linhenykus

Linhenykus was a very strange dinosaur with one finger on each hand.

  1. 2 Therizinosaurus

Therizinosaurus was a dinosaur from Mongolia. Despite having the largest claws of any dinosaur,it only ate plants and insects.


DEINOCHEIRUS was a cousin of ornithomimus from Mongolia. Originally scientists thought DEINOCHEIRUS looked like a Therizinosaurus with shorter claws but we now know it looked like an ornithomimus with 10 foot long arms with a duckbill and a sail on its back.

What dinosaur do you think was the wierdest?